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Chemical Industry

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LITOPRINT Srl is present in the metal
packaging business from several years.

The experience gained, the devotion and the continuous search for the standards improvement, makes LITOPRINT a dynamic and productive reality, technologically advanced, constantly active and sensitive to the needs of a changing market.

"Behind the apparent simplicity of our packages, there is a complex and meticulous manufacturing process  that uses sophisticated technologies, highly skilled staff, selection of raw materials, strict controls on the final products."  

Litoprint is composed of a cohesive team of competent people who develops and follows professionally and meticulously the entire production process of the metal packagings, of various types and capacities, for the chemical and food industries: from the selection to the cutting, from the moulding to the lithography and to the various processes. The company, located in Fisciano,near Salerno, has a productive and commercial structure of over 12.000 covered square meters and 30.000 uncovered square meters. Litoprint investment for the continuous improvement of its products and the constant commitment for achieving the maximum customer satisfaction..

To know his own area and explore some new ones: the commercial experience, the seriousness and the commitment, enabled the society to evolve and to go forward during the years, consolidating  trades with Italian and foreign customers. Litoprint packaging  in fact, besides being distributed throughout the national market, are exported in Europe and in North America.


The production process:
how everything takes shape and is trasformed

"Producing the best quality boxes on the market is not enough for us: for this reason we continue to use always the imagination."

The value of Litoprint metal packaging and their technical qualities are an anchor for its customers, but it is often the image to determine the true success. The outward appearance should not mislead but strongly express all the distinctive advantages of a packaging compared to another. Litoprint goal is to plan, for its customers, an identity in which to recognize themselves and to be recognized, emphasizing their distinguishing traits.


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