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The metal packaging is environmentally friendly, with CO2 emissions among the lowest compared to other materials.

Steel Recycling
Steel is one of the most common materials in the world, preceded only by the cement tonnage. Steel is an alloy based on iron, containing carbon in an amount ranging up to a maximum of 2%, in addition to other metal and non-metal elements in controlled quantities to impart particular properties depending on the intended uses.
From the  semiprocessed steel derive sheets and plates, pipes, beams, wire and steel packaging such as drums, cans and caps.
One of the steel's key feature is that it is fully recyclable:in fact 40% of the  world steel production is based on recycled materials (scrap iron).

The steel is present in packaging in various forms:
• tinplate for cans and for food boxes
• chrome band for the production of crown caps and lids
• sheet or black band, for the production of drums for industrial use .

The big steel packaging (industrial drums), instead of being sent for recycling, can be regenerated, that is subjected to different operations that aim to restore and verify the characteristics of the container, making it usable again.

Did you know that recycling...? 
• about 10/15 cans you can get a foil
• about 100/200 crown caps you can get a wrench
• about 300/350 drums you can get a Fiat 500 body-shell
• about 900/1000 cans you can get a bench
• about 1000/1500 tuna cans you can get a bicycle frame
• 2.600.000 boxes you can build 1 km of railroad track

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